You won’t believe these Rx savings

We’re celebrating Savings Education Week with some of our favorite customer success stories from the past year

In 2023, inflation is making it harder to afford basic necessities in the United States. From gas and groceries to furniture and rent, costs are continuing to rise. Rx prices are no exception—in fact, according to a March 2023 poll, 37% of Americans said that cost has prevented them from filling a prescription medication.

At SingleCare, we’ve always been committed to helping you save on prescriptions, especially now as costs rise. It’s currently Savings Education Week, where we educate customers about how they can get the lowest prices on their meds. To highlight all of the ways we can help lower the prices of your Rx and OTC medication, here are some of our all-time favorite savings reviews. 

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Just like these customers, SingleCare’s discount card can help you save on Rx and OTC meds. If you haven’t used SingleCare yet, it’s easy! Just follow these three steps to get instant prescription savings the next time you’re picking up a medication: 

  1. Download our iOS or Android app or go to our website. 
  2. Search for your medication, making sure to adjust for quantity, dosage, and zip code. 
  3. Choose the pharmacy closest to you and either print, text, or email yourself a free drug coupon. 

When you go to the pharmacy, show your pharmacist the coupon. It’s that simple! 

If you’ve used SingleCare recently, we would love to hear about your experience and how much we helped you save. You’re always welcome to leave a review on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Trustpilot pages or contact our customer service team at 1-844-234-3057. 


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