Where to Get CBD in Houston: 5 Places Selling Hemp Products

These days, we could all use a little bit of TLC. For some, that comes in the form of THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol, aka THC, is the compound in marijuana that creates that euphoric “high.” The legalization of pot remains an uphill battle—in 2019 Texas lawmakers legalized hemp, but not marijuana. As it stands, legal hemp must contain 0.3 percent of THC or less for use. 

CBD has become a close second for those seeking relief from ailments, soothing anxieties, or sleep aids. CBD has been at the forefront of innovation, too. The cannabinoid isn’t just sold in pre-rolled joints, but also in the form of gels, gummies, oils, lotions, and supplements. 

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Whether you’re in the mood for an infused drink or trying to step up your skincare routine, these five hemp spots have got something for you. 

Doubling as a coffee shop and dispensary, this Instagram-worthy lounge is expanding with a new location in Montrose in addition to its flagship in the Heights. The CBD offerings are all-encompassing— the quiet and peaceful aroma of a coffee shop in the early hours with an accompanying hemp-infused latte, the neon lights are turned on to transform the space into a nice after hour lounge decked with a full bar. Take a seat, grab a bite to eat, and take a ride on the wild side with a glass of one of their five CBD-infused elixirs. But don’t forget to shop in the dispensary with the help of “bud-tenders” to pick up an odor-free disposable hemp pen, tincture oil, or the always-convenient pre-roll. 

If there was ever a store to truly embody the meaning of self-care, it’s Go Easy, located in M-K-T Heights. Living up to its name, the quaint goodie shop has everything from pre-rolled Delta-8 joints to infused chocolate bars, and if you’re really trying to go easy, ask some of the staff about their femme-and-sex-positive wellness offerings like period patches, CBD arousal oil, burn massage candles, and perhaps their best-kept secret, a line of FDA-approved vibrators. How’s that for going easy?

Think of your average hemp goodie store—bud better! This dispensary, located off 1-45 South, possesses knowledgeable bud-tenders and products you probably didn’t know existed. Try out their rich, smooth, and buttery CBD caramel squares that can be eaten whole or added to a nice cup of hot tea or coffee. Order a sweet-infused treat like a chewy cookie or cereal bar. Urban Flower Company even offers potent dog treats for your furry companion.  

If you’re one of those people who enjoys the camaraderie of a few puff, puff passes, but also can’t miss out on getting your necessary vitamins, this bar will satisfy your every need. Supplying bud and freshly pressed juices, the Vapor Lot & CBD is a one-stop shop for anything vape or CBD-related. The staff will even give you a crash course in all things hemp-related. To sweeten the pot (literally) Vapor Lots has a rewards program that will keep you coming back. 

The folks at Sacred Leaf Wellness prioritize passing on education and knowledge when selling to customers. Want to know exactly what’s in each product and why it’s good for you? They can help. Their shop offers CBD-infused goods that are beneficial to your overall wellness, like their anti-aging face cream to keep a youthful glow and facial scrub to help combat acne and dry skin. Manufactured in GMP and ISO-certified labs, you can shop lotions, coffee beans, hard candies, pain reliever creams, and bath bombs.


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