What We Do

We offer a variety of services to organizations interested in learning how to partner across sectors based on practical experience. We also offer services to those interested in supporting efforts to help businesses, nonprofits, and public agencies partner. See Our Services and Products.

Our work is guided by lessons we have learned during six years of successfully helping multinational and Indonesian businesses, and international and Indonesian nonprofits, build a network committed to partnering for development. The network now has over 200 businesses and nonprofits committed to working with each other and the public sector, to improve well-being and sustainability in communities and workplaces. See Increase Capability to Partner.

Our approach is distinguished by how we facilitate partnerships involving businesses, nonprofits, and public agencies. See Frequently Asked Questions.

Organizations that have benefited from our approach praise it for a variety of reasons. These include the safe space we provide for them to learn to trust each other and the opportunity to identify common interests for pursuing mutually-beneficial partnerships. See What Others Say About Us.