Welcome to Access Health Worldwide

Welcome to Access Health Worldwide

ACCESS Health Worldwide increases the abilities of businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies to partner locally for sustainable improvements in community and workplace well-being. We work from the perspectives of businesses on how to engage them most effectively in partnerships at the local level that

  • Help businesses transition from charity to investments that contribute to community sustainability
  • Engage communities
  • Increase access to health-related resources, especially among women

THIS WEBSITE provides tools and information for businesses, nonprofits, public agencies, and individuals interested in learning from practitioners how to build the trust, knowledge, and skills they see as essential for successful partnerships.

These tools and information are based on the knowledge and experiences of businesses and nonprofit organizations partnering with each other and public agencies at the local level. We use this information in courses we teach on how to partner across sectors.

Businesses represent industries including materials, consumer goods, financial, insurance, healthcare services, technology, utilities, and industrial goods. Nonprofits have expertise in development, health, education, youth, environment, women’s rights and empowerment, governance, corporate responsibility, and community empowerment. Most organizations in both sectors are members of a network we created in Indonesia to help them partner at the local level for well-being and sustainability in communities and workplaces. See Organizations Assisted by ACCESS-HW.

This participant diversity enables organizations to learn how health and other development challenges are connected and the benefits of addressing these connections. The tools and information are applicable to a range of development challenges.