Services and Products

We offer assistance to businesses, nonprofits, and public agencies interested in participating and/or supporting the growth of partnerships which improve the well-being and sustainability of communities and workplaces.

Our services and products include:

    • Assessments of needs and potential for partnership building at the local-level. We research, network, and consult with businesses, nonprofits, and public agencies to determine whether there is interest in partnering with each other. We partner with a locally-based organization to increase the ability of businesses and others to partner.


    • Mechanisms for organizations interested in learning how to partner for development to network and build relationships. We work with interested organizations to help them develop a mechanism that provides a “safe space” for them to network, build relationships, learn from each other, and find new partners. See Building Trust.


    • Ongoing consultations for participating organizations to ensure prompt responses to changing needs among participating organizations. We are available to help organizations work with each other to design, negotiate, and communicate to develop and implement mutually-beneficial partnerships.


    • Case studies on the dynamics of local-level partnerships. We help organizations prepare presentations on their partnerships to share with peers. Additionally we help them prepare short documents for wider communication that describe how they created and implemented their partnerships, addressed the challenges they confronted, and achieved their results. See Building Knowledge.


  • Tools and training on how to partner based on practical experience. In addition to case studies, we facilitate workshops that allow practitioners to discuss challenges to partnerships. We then prepare tools based on workshop discussions of each challenge to help others benefit from practitioners’ experiences. See Building Skills.