Our Approach

Businesses are often new to the world of developments, so we start with their views on how to engage them most effectively. These views, reinforced by those of nonprofits and public agencies experienced in working with businesses, drive our objectives, activities, and services.

To adapt our work to each new location, we consult locally-operating businesses as well as nonprofits and public agencies about their interests and experiences in partnering with each other. We also ask about the partnering opportunities and challenges they see.

We look for locally-based organizations experienced in bringing businesses and other sectors together and then explore their interest in working with us to increase local-level partnering for well-being and sustainability. Working with an interested, locally-based organization, we bring businesses and organizations from other sectors interested in cross-sector partnering together. We then help them define mechanisms that enable them to freely discuss their mutual interests and needs, and develop solutions to the challenges they themselves identify in order to partner successfully.