How much is Lortab (hydrocodone-acetaminophen) without insurance?

Lortab (hydrocodone-acetaminophen), costs $26. Here’s how to save on hydrocodone acetaminophen without insurance.

Is hydrocodone acetaminophen covered by insurance? | How much does hydrocodone acetaminophen cost without insurance? | How to get hydrocodone acetaminophen without insurance

Hydrocodone-acetaminophen is a prescription pain reliever that combines an opioid (hydrocodone bitartrate) with acetaminophen, a common over-the-counter analgesic. Healthcare professionals prescribe it for moderate to severe pain. The cost of hydrocodone-acetaminophen as a generic medication varies. However, the final price is determined by the length of treatment required. It is typically not prescribed for long durations, often just a few days. No matter how long hydrocodone-acetaminophen is used, there are several good ways to reduce the cost of this medication.

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What is the brand name for hydrocodone-acetaminophen?

Some people know hydrocodone-acetaminophen by its original brand name, Vicodin, but this brand is no longer available. However, the prescribing healthcare provider might still call it by this name. Other discontinued brand names include Norco and Lorcet.

Currently, the only brand-name version of generic hydrocodone-acetaminophen is Lortab. It comes as a syrup, so it cannot be directly interchanged with hydrocodone-acetaminophen tablets the way that a typical brand and generic medication can. The cost of Lortab is higher than generic hydrocodone-acetaminophen—about $240 for a prescription. However, Lortab is a syrup intended for people who can’t swallow an oral tablet. There is no generic version of hydrocodone-acetaminophen syrup.

Is hydrocodone-acetaminophen covered by insurance?

As a low-priced and commonly prescribed generic drug, hydrocodone-acetaminophen is covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare drug plans, Medicaid, the VA, and Tricare. Some plans may not cover it, and some may impose quantity limits. Check with the insurance company if there are any questions. Hydrocodone-acetaminophen is typically classified as a Tier 1 drug, meaning the copay cost will be low. However, other factors affect the final out-of-pocket cost. These include any coinsurance or coverage gaps.

How much does hydrocodone-acetaminophen cost without insurance?

The full retail price for 12, 5/325 mg tablets of generic hydrocodone-acetaminophen tablets averages about $26. The usual dosage is four tablets daily, but it can go as high as six tablets daily. That means 12 tablets are enough medicine to cover two to three days of treatment. Breaking down that cost means that each day of treatment will cost about $10 to $13. The cost for longer treatment will be proportionally higher. 

If the cost of hydrocodone-acetaminophen is difficult to manage, ask the prescribing healthcare provider about other pain medications. Other generics have both opioids and acetaminophen combined. The cost is about the same, but it may be slightly less. For instance, generic tramadol-acetaminophen costs about $6 to $8 daily. There are also generic opioids that are less expensive. 

Prescription NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen, are another treatment option. However, they will differ in effectiveness and side effects. They won’t cause the drowsiness, lightheadedness, and constipation typical of opioids, but there may be other problems.

Ultimately, generic hydrocodone-acetaminophen is one of the most affordable opioid treatments. When filling a prescription, the cheapest option may be to use a SingleCare savings card. The cost of 12, 5/325 mg tablets can be as low as $9. The lowest SingleCare price for 60 tablets at the same dosage strength (15–20 days of treatment) is $24.

Compare Lortab (hydrocodone-acetaminophen) prices to related drugs

Hydrocodone-acetaminophen$26 per 12, 5-325 mg tablets $9 per 12, 5-325 mg tablets of generic hydrocodone-acetaminophenSee latest prices
Lortab$247 per 1, 473 mL of 10-300 mg/15 mL elixir$199 per 1, 473 mL of 10-300 mg/15 mL elixir of brand-name LortabSee latest prices
Acetaminophen-codeine #3$23 per 20, 300-30 mg tablets $7 per 20, 300-30 mg tablets of generic acetaminophen-codeine #3See latest prices


$783 per 30, 5-325 mg tablets$8 per 30, 5-325 mg tablets of generic oxycodone-acetaminophenSee latest prices
Oxycodone immediate-release$29 per 30, 5 mg tablets $9 per 30, 5 mg tablets of generic oxycodone immediate-release See latest prices
Tramadol$30 per 30, 50 mg tablets$7 per 30, 50 mg tablets of generic tramadolSee latest prices
Meloxicam$89 per 30,15 mg tablets$5 per 30,15 mg tablets of generic meloxicamSee latest prices

Prescription drug prices often change. These are the most accurate medication prices at the time of publishing. The listed price without insurance references the price of brand-name drugs (unless otherwise specified). The listed SingleCare price references the price of generic drugs, if available. Click the “Savings options” link to see the latest drug prices.

How to get hydrocodone-acetaminophen without insurance

Two or three days of hydrocodone-acetaminophen will cost about $26 at the average cash price. A week or more may cost over $100. Fortunately, there are ways to save on prescription drugs. Because hydrocodone-acetaminophen is a generic drug, these ways to save money probably won’t include patient assistance programs. Instead, find instant savings at participating local pharmacies with a SingleCare prescription discount card.

1. Get prescription discounts using a SingleCare savings card

People with a SingleCare savings card can pay as little as $9 for a two or three-day supply of hydrocodone-acetaminophen. That’s $27 off the average retail price. SingleCare participating pharmacies offer different discount prices, so visit SingleCare’s hydrocodone-acetaminophen coupon page for a list of discounts at local pharmacies. Make sure to check the FAQs section for additional savings and drug information.

2. Look for the lowest price 

Uninsured patients could overpay by as much as $15 if they purchase 12 hydrocodone-acetaminophen tablets at the highest pharmacy price rather than the lowest. Use SingleCare’s hydrocodone-acetaminophen price table to search for the lowest pharmacy prices.

3. Ask the prescriber about lower-priced treatment options

Hydrocodone-acetaminophen is a modestly-priced opioid pain reliever, but there may be lower-priced alternatives. Generic tramadol-acetaminophen costs about $30 for 30 tablets, which is enough medicine for three to four days of treatment. There are also non-opioid pain medications that are lower-priced and do not have many of the same life-threatening risks as opioids. 

4. Look into Medicaid coverage

If paying the cash price for prescriptions is difficult, and health insurance is unmanageable, look into Medicaid coverage. It is designed to have low or no premiums. Drugs like hydrocodone-acetaminophen could be free or have only minimal out-of-pocket costs. The place to start is your state’s Medicaid website. It will contain eligibility criteria, enrollment forms, and additional information.


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