How much is Breztri Aerosphere without insurance?

Breztri Aerosphere costs $717 without insurance. Learn how to get Breztri Aerosphere at a lower price, or find cheaper alternatives.

Is Breztri Aerosphere covered by insurance? | How much does Breztri Aerosphere cost without insurance? | How to get Breztri Aerosphere without insurance

Breztri Aerosphere is a prescription inhalation aerosol, FDA approved as a maintenance treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Diagnosed as either chronic bronchitis or emphysema, COPD can make breathing difficult, especially during exacerbations of the condition. Inhaled twice per day, Breztri Aerosphere prevents and reduces the severity of COPD flare-ups and hospitalizations. 

Breztri Aerosphere combines three medications used to prevent COPD attacks. The first, budesonide, is an inhaled corticosteroid that prevents swelling in the airway passages. The others are bronchodilators, which  keep airway passages open. Glycopyrrolate is an inhaled long-acting anticholinergic that prevents airway passages from tightening. Formoterol fumarate is an inhaled long-acting beta agonist (LABA) that relaxes airway passages. As a brand-name drug, Breztri Aerosphere has a premium price. Unfortunately, there is no generic version.

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What is the generic for Breztri Aerosphere?

Breztri Aerosphere combines three COPD maintenance medications: budesonide, glycopyrrolate, and formoterol. While generic budesonide and formoterol inhalants are available, glycopyrrolate is only found in AstraZeneca’s brand-name inhalants Breztri and Bevespi Aerosphere. It’s uncertain when generic versions will be made available.

Is Breztri Aerosphere covered by insurance?

Most people with health insurance or Medicare Part D have coverage for Breztri Aerosphere. The average out-of-pocket cost for people with either health insurance or Medicare Part D drug coverage varies based on the insurance plan’s formulary, copay cost, and any coverage gaps.

How much does Breztri Aerosphere cost without insurance?

Uninsured patients can expect to pay about $717 for a single 10.7 gram Breztri Aerosphere inhaler, containing 160 mg of budesonide, 9 mg of glycopyrrolate, and 4 mg of formoterol. That’s enough medicine for 120 puffs, which would be enough to last 30 days. At that price, a year’s worth of treatment at the full retail price will cost approximately $10,000.

If the cost of Breztri Aerosphere is a serious obstacle, ask a healthcare professional about other treatment options. Triple therapy like Breztri Aerosphere is generally reserved for moderate to severe COPD, so there may only be a limited number of effective options for patients in this category. Other than Breztri Aerosphere, the only other combination triple therapy inhaler available in the U.S. is brand-name Trelegy Ellipta (umeclidinium-vilanterol-fluticasone furoate). Unfortunately, its average retail price is higher than Breztri Aerosphere. 

Inhalants combining two COPD drugs are also available in both brand-name and generic versions, including generic budesonide-formoterol. However, both cost and effectiveness may be a concern. For now, the cheapest and most effective alternative to paying full cash price for Breztri is to purchase it with a SingleCare prescription discount card. The lowest SingleCare discount price for Breztri Aerosphere is $422, a monthly savings of almost $400.

Compare Breztri Aerosphere prices to related drugs

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Trelegy Ellipta$836 per 1, 60 blisters of 100 mcg/62.5 mcg/25 mcg inhaler$535 per 1, 60 blisters of 100 mcg/62.5 mcg/25 mcg inhaler of brand-name TrelegySee latest prices

Prescription drug prices often change. These are the most accurate medication prices at the time of publishing. The listed price without insurance references the price of brand-name drugs (unless otherwise specified). The listed SingleCare price references the price of generic drugs if available. Click the link under “Savings options” to see the latest drug prices.

How to get Breztri Aerosphere without insurance

With an annual price tag of around $10,000 at full retail price, Breztri Aerosphere can be challenging for those without insurance. Patient assistance programs might be an option for some people, but not everyone will be able to meet the eligibility requirements. What are the other options? 

1. Use a SingleCare savings card

With SingleCare, people without insurance can save almost $400 on a 30-day supply of Breztri Aerosphere. That monthly savings will add up to $4,500 or more in a year. Discounts will vary by participating pharmacies. Shop SingleCare discount prices at local pharmacies by visiting SingleCare’s Breztri Aerosphere coupons page. 

2. Find the lowest price

Purchasing Breztri Aerosphere at the lowest pharmacy price can reduce the cost of a Breztri Aerosphere inhaler. Browse pharmacy prices on SingleCare to find the lowest price at a pharmacy near you.

3. Get health insurance

Chronic and even life-long conditions like COPD are costly without insurance. Expenses quickly add up: pricey medications, office visits, tests, and procedures. In some cases, it may be cheaper to get health insurance. The place to start is your state’s health insurance marketplace. Make sure to get an agent’s help to check that needed treatments and medications are covered by the insurance company.

4. Enroll in Medicaid

If health insurance is too costly, try enrolling in Medicaid health insurance. Not everyone is eligible, so visit your state’s Medicaid website for eligibility information, enrollment forms, and additional information.

5. Ask the prescriber about lower-cost treatment options

If nothing else works, ask the healthcare provider about other less costly COPD medications. There is a trade-off, however. Breztri Aerosphere is usually prescribed to people with more advanced cases of COPD. These alternatives may not be as effective, and the side effects might be different. Get medical advice first.


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