How Much Does A Keratin Treatment Cost?

You may have heard about the wonders of keratin treatments if you’ve suffered frizzy, unruly hair. These procedures are made to make frizzy hair into smooth, controllable locks. But one important query that frequently comes up is, “How much does a keratin treatment cost?” In this article, we’ll look at the costs and advantages of keratin treatments as well as some crucial things to think about before committing.

What Is A Keratin Treatment?

Brazilian blowouts and other keratin hair smoothing treatments are salon techniques used to remove frizz, reduce curls, and add gloss to hair. Keratin, a protein that is naturally present in hair, nails, and skin, is the main component used in these treatments. A hairdresser seals your hair with heat after applying a keratin-rich solution to it during the treatment. The end effect is hair that is shinier, easier to manage, and can last for several weeks.

The key differences are between traditional hair treatments that straighten and smooth your hair while usually including formaldehyde and those that simply smooth your hair while typically including no formaldehyde.

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How Much Does A Keratin Treatment Cost?

The average cost of keratin smoothing treatments ranges from $80 – $400. However, the cost of keratin treatment varies from person to person depending upon their:

  • Hairs length
  • Hairs density
  • Current condition of hairs
  • Hairs thickness
  • Individual’s allergies

Moreover, the average cost ranges for keratin smoothing treatment are:

1. Basic Keratin Treatment:

Costs for a simple keratin treatment range from $150 to $300. To seal the product, this usually involves applying keratin, blow-drying, and flat ironing.

2. Luxury Or High-End Keratin Treatments:

Premium or luxury keratin treatments can cost anywhere from $300 to $600 or more, frequently applying premium brands or unique formulae.

3. Add-Ons And Extras:

The price of extra services like haircuts, color services, or deep conditioning might go up. These extras range in cost from $50 to $200 or more, depending on the specifics.

4. At-Home Keratin Kits:

While expert salon treatments are the most efficient, at-home keratin treatment kits are also offered for sale. These kits cost between $30 and $100, making them more cheap, but they could not produce the same durable results as salon treatments.

What Can Affect The Cost Of Keratin Treatment:

Based on several factors, keratin treatments can range greatly in price. The following are the main factors that influence price:

1. Salon Location:

The cost of a keratin treatment is greatly influenced by the salon’s location. In comparison to salons in smaller towns or less expensive neighborhoods, salons in big cities or posh neighborhoods typically charge more for their services.

2. Salon Reputation:

Costs may vary depending on how well-known and knowledgeable a salon is about keratin treatments. The cost may also be influenced by the stylist’s experience and level of expertise.

3. Length & Thickness Of Hairs:

A keratin treatment usually takes longer and uses more product on longer and thicker hair. Therefore, people with longer or thicker hair might be charged more.

4. Brand & Type Of keratin Treatment:

Different brands and keratin treatment kinds are available, each with a variety of costs. Some premium brands could be more expensive than generic or less popular alternatives.

Remember that every person’s hair responds differently to every treatment. It’s impossible to predict exactly how your hair will turn out. However, depending on the treatment’s objectives and the outcomes of persons with comparable hair textures, you and your hairdresser can make a trained approximation.

What Is The Cost Of Keratin Treatment With Insurance?

The cost of keratin treatments is typically not covered by insurance. Insurance coverage usually serves to cover medical costs and treatments for diseases and injuries, but not for cosmetic or aesthetic procedures. Since keratin treatments are regarded as voluntary cosmetic procedures, insurance usually does not cover them.

What Is The Cost Of Keratin Treatment Without Insurance?

As I have mentioned earlier, the cost of keratin treatment varies from person to person. If you are looking for a Less expensive keratin treatment, then there are some tips for you:

  • Set a budget
  • Search for different stylists to know their prices
  • Take up promotions or discount offers
  • You can opt for keratin home kits

How Can I Make My Keratin Treatment Last Longer?

By reducing your exposure to sweat and humidity, restricting styling, and not washing your hair for the first few days after your session, you can extend the life of your treatment. After that, you must continue to promote your hair and keep it away from dangerous substances.

In the initial days after keratin treatment, you should specifically avoid:

  • Applying chemical-based hair products
  • Washing your hair too often
  • Styling your hairs
  • Using hair clips

After the initial few days, you can follow the following tips to make your treatment last:

  • Use sulfate-free hair products
  • Don’t wash your hair regularly
  • Use moisturizing hair products
  • Use a silk pillowcase
  • Avoid salt water and chlorine
  • Brush your hair regularly

What Are The Benefits Of Keratin Treatment?

If you want to spend less time styling your hair or if you’re seeking a technique to reduce frizz and flyaways, you should have a keratin treatment. When frizz is most prominent in the summer, many individuals like getting keratin treatments.

When evaluating the expense of a keratin treatment, keep these advantages in mind:

  • Smooth and shiny hairs
  • Easier styling
  • Frizz reduction
  • Quicker drying time
  • Lock in color
  • Versatility
  • Provides health to damaged hairs


However, keratin treatments have drawbacks as well. You may want to take into account the following negative aspects of this service:

  • More oily hairs than before
  • May lighten your hair color
  • Formaldehyde-free products are not 100% free of formaldehyde
  • If formaldehyde-free products, they won’t last longer.
  • Curly hairs may not get completely straight
  • Keratin-1 as a cell surface receptor in cancer

Summing Up:

Keratin treatments have the potential to completely transform the way people handle frizzy, unruly hair. The price of a keratin treatment might vary based on the location, salon reputation, and type of treatment; however, for those looking for smoother, easier-to-manage hair, the investment may be worthwhile. It’s important to speak with a qualified stylist before getting a keratin treatment, go through your expectations, and think about any potential allergens or chemicals used in the procedure. A keratin treatment is a popular option for people trying to change their hair because it can ultimately help you get the sleek, lustrous hair you’ve always wanted.