Houston Juice & Smoothie Bars to Visit This Summer

With Houston’s temperatures reaching triple digits and seeming intent on staying there, it will take more than cold water to cool us down. Now’s the perfect time to add new flavors to your beverage lineup this season, with juices and smoothies that will have you making the “ahh” sound all summer long. 

Drinking a fresh juice or smoothie can be a healthy and easy way to consume fruits and vegetables, although the two have a few pros and cons. According to Healthline, smoothies are packed with more nutrients that help reduce inflammation while improving digestion. On the other hand, fresh juices, or cold press, are less calorie-dense, making them more appropriate as everyday drinks.  

While both drinks can be beneficial in moderation, you’ll feel more energized this season with a green smoothie rather than a sugary lemonade. No matter which beverage you’re sipping this summer, we’ve rounded up Houston’s best local smoothie and juice bars that your taste buds will love and your body will appreciate. 

713 Juice Bar

14520 Memorial Dr #68

Whether you’re looking to stock up on a few cold-pressed juices or are interested in trying the ultimate juice cleanse, 713 Juice Bar is a great place to start. Founder and fitness buff Donovan Greer has created his cleansing system to reduce strain on the digestive tract while helping you feel nourished and recharged. Shoppers can start small with a one-day cleanse consisting of six bottles and work their way up to a seven-day cleanse with 18 juices. Shoppers can also purchase juices individually without participating in a cleanse, whether a cold press or freshly squeezed with flavors like Just Fresh, with coconut water, apple, and kale, or Charcoal Lemonade, which includes filtered water-activated charcoal, lemon, and maple syrup. There’s also a unique smoothie selection ranging from PB&J to their Dirty Red, with collard greens, berries, and apple juice, to keep you refreshed this season. 

Clean Juice 

3515 W Dallas Ave, Ste 800

What started as a small idea from Kat and London Eckles has turned into a 100-location franchise. Clean Juice, which can be found locally in The Heights, River Oaks, and Memorial City, offers signature organic juices whenever you need a mood boost, such as The Wake Up One, with ginger, lemon, and orange, or The Energy One, with beets, carrots, and celery. The brand also features an array of smoothies from fruity to protein and quick bites to eat like sandwiches, salads, toasts, and açaí bowls. If you want to stock up on a few cold-press bottles, try their colorful best-seller Sweet Green, made with kale, cucumber, and apple, or sample one of their wellness shots for some energy. 

Earthcraft Juicery 

1909 W Gray St

With three locations across Houston, this juicery creates raw, cold-pressed juices with your health in mind. Their menu includes superfood smoothies, raw juice cleanses, and super bowls, including açaí and matcha. Their juices are separated into functional fruits, maximum veggie, and sweet greens. But do not fret; if you are also looking for natural cleanses, they’ve got you covered with their three prepackaged cleanses—Active, Earth, and Expert—and you can also create your own custom cleanse with your choice of juices or nut milk.

Juice Girl

238 W 19th St | 2424 Times Blvd | 207 E Shore

Located in the Woodlands, Rice Village, and the Heights, this juicery proclaims itself the first and only 100 percent organic juice and smoothie bar in Houston. Juice Girl offers green juices like the Grasshopper, with spinach, ginger, and orange, or a fan favorite like the Think for Yourself, in which you can choose five fresh fruits or veggies of your liking. You can also order juice therapy based on physical issues you may be experiencing, like a cold (carrot, parsley, ginger, garlic, apple) or digestion (carrot, spinach, apple). 

Juice Land

1340 Westheimer Rd, Ste D 

This juice bar is taking over the Lone Star State with locations across Houston, Dallas, and Austin. Full of different options to pick from, their entire menu ranges from smoothies to smoothie bowls, superfood lattes, and, of course, juices. Try out their Morning Sunshine, made with pineapple, orange, banana, mango, goji berry, and local bee pollen, to give you a healthy morning boost. Or get your fix of greens with the Tigerlily, filled with spinach, kale, celery, cucumber, and parsley. 

The Juicy Fix 

11131 W Little York Rd #A 

As a means to accomplish a dream, owner Minni Balita started this business after being diagnosed with diabetes and making juices in her kitchen. After noticing positive body changes, she decided to open up a shop to help others prevent future illnesses and promote a healthier lifestyle. Priding itself on offering healthy and homemade dishes using raw, fresh, and organic ingredients, the Juicy Fix has more than 17 juice choices such as Sweet Rain, made with tomato, hemp hearts, chia, strawberry, almonds, and pumpkin seeds. 

Nourish Juice & Smoothie Bar 

2155 Durham Dr, Ste 101

Nourish has a wide range of cold-pressed juice choices that fit your needs. Order yourself the Pink Starburst, composed of nutritious liquid candy with mixed fruits and vegetables, the Juan Carlos in honor of the finest Montrose in-line skater, or go for the Go-Go Juice, filled with greens to detoxify, hydrate, and build your immune system.

Red’s Juice Joint

2002 Oakdale St 

What started as just a college student making smoothies to get his necessary nutrients during those busy days turned into a smoothie and juice bar serving the Historic Third Ward for over four years. At Red’s, juice lovers can purchase up to five days’ worth of juice cleanse, featuring 30 bottles of your juice choice. The shop also offers individual 16 oz. juices like Citrus Sunrise, made with grapefruit, orange, carrot, lemon, and ginger. Alongside the juices are smoothies like the Sweet & Spicy, with mango, peaches, ginger, and cayenne pepper for a kick, or something with more substance like the Chunky Monkey, with peanut butter or Nutella, banana, chocolate protein powder, and almond milk mixed to smooth perfection.

Tight Squeeze Juice Bar

600 N Shepherd Dr #456

One of the newest juice bars in Houston made its way to M-K-T last October, offering Houstonians a healthy sip to cool down in the Houston heat. Founded by Jamie Davidson, Tight Squeeze Juice Bar is a local juicery offering cold-pressed juices such as their popular Green Nature drink, with kale, ginger, turmeric, and pineapple, and fresh juices like the A Beautiful Day, featuring red apple, spinach, and carrot. The beverage shop also has a selection of smoothies, including a coffee smoothie for the caffeine lovers with ingredients like cold brew, banana, dates, almond milk, and butter. Tight Squeeze Juice Bar also has wellness shots, with their most robust juice being the Orange Shot, with black pepper, ginger, lemon, and turmeric to help jump-start your day. 


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