Monkeypox Numbers Rise in Houston, Harris and Surrounding Counties Working to Administer Vaccines

Read our original article, with frequently asked questions about monkeypox, below. Update as of September 6 Texas currently has 1,730 confirmed cases of monkeypox, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Harris County contributes 621 instances of that number, with 481 from the City of Houston alone.  The number of confirmed cases is steadily … Read more

8th Wonder Brewery Announces Launch of New Cannabis Company

Since most recreational marijuana users are already accustomed to their cannabis coming to them in eighths, you could say that Houston’s 8th Wonder Brewery was destined to eventually form their own cannabis company. Today, what was seemingly preordained has finally become a reality: the popular local brewery has just broken the news that it has partnered with … Read more

How Houston Has Become a Leader in Alternative Cancer Therapies

Cancer is one of humanity’s greatest health challenges, killing millions of people every year. For decades, treatment for the disease has focused primarily on surgery (removing it) and chemotherapy and radiation therapy (attacking it). While these procedures continue to be essential in a patient’s overall treatment, new developments with a more personalized approach have gained … Read more

7 Ways to Support Breast Cancer Research and Patients

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, which means now is the optimal time to support organizations within our community. Beware of companies advertising so-called “pink products” that promote breast cancer awareness to gain sales but may not contribute any proceeds to actual charities or foundations. Instead, give back to those seeking a cure, invest in clinical … Read more