Suilding Skills

ACCESS Health Worldwide fosters peer-to-peer learning on how to partner across sectors. We develop partnering tools based on the knowledge and experience of practitioners from the business, nonprofit, and public sectors. Tools address issues practitioners have identified as the most challenging to partnerships.

The tools listed below are based on brainstorming sessions of practitioners we have worked with in Indonesia. We use these tools and case studies for interactive courses on how to partner across sectors. Please contact us if you would like more information on our courses.

How to Find the Right Partner

The tool comprises a matrix of characteristics companies and nonprofit organizations look for in identifying and selecting partners.

How to Define Successful Partnerships

The tool illustrates how companies and nonprofit organizations distinguish partnerships from other relationships, and how they perceive the attributes of successful partnerships.

How to Communicate for Successful Partnerships

The tool describes target audiences to consider in developing communication strategies for successful partnerships.

How to Measure Partnership Progress and Outcomes

Please watch this space for more information in the future.