7 Places to Get CBD-Infused Drinks and Cocktails in Houston

There hasn’t been MUCH movement in the question of whether Texas will be added to the list of states where marijuana is legal, but for some Houstonians, cannabidiol (aka CBD) is the next best thing. 

Commonly used to ease anxiety and physical aches, amongst other ailments, CBD is relatively affordable and gaining in popularity, whether it’s in the form of a pre-rolled joint or candied gummies. In the past few years, the city has seen an influx of new bars and lounges that are now offering hemp-infused dishes and drinks. 

While we’ve explored stores where you can purchase all your hemp goods, here are seven spots where you can order yourself a fruity cocktail or a soothing latte laced with CBD. 


This coffee bar is located inside Houston’s well-known CBD Apothecary. If you’re looking to start the day off on a more soothing note, be sure to order any one of their specialty crafted caffeine beverages. From nitro cold brew to lavender macchiatos to Irish cream café au lait, all of their offered cups of coffee can be infused with different flavoring syrups and, of course, hemp! Add on a 20mg shot of CBD or THC upgrade to your cup just to give a little extra morning or midday boost. 

Shady Acres

Grab a freshly brewed cup of joe from the Amsterdam Company, the name of which is a nod to the famously marijuana-friendly city. The shop offers your traditional coffee drinks like cappuccinos, americanos, and flat whites…but you can take a ride on the wild side by ordering a drip coffee or cold brew made with CBD-infused beans. Don’t stop there: the shop also offers a CBD-infused azuca sugar option alongside Dr. G’s mixer elixir. 


This brewery joined forces in February 2021 with the Bayou City Hemp Company to take a stake in the cannabis industry by creating their own line of non-alcoholic Wonder Water Herbal Seltzers. Available within their brick-and-mortar outpost, these sparkling water seltzers are infused with either Delta-8 THC or CBD and flavored with hints of citrus and good vibes. You can also try out their watermelon-extracted seltzer made in collaboration with Houston rap icon, Bun B. 


Present Company doesn’t have a plethora of CBD-infused options to choose from, but they do have a specialty bud cocktail that is definitely worth all the rave. The Under the Sea BD is made with Patron tequila, pineapple rum, kiwi, citrus, eucalyptus, Topo Chico, and lemon-flavored cannabidiol. (Pro tip: You can request an extra dosage or add a dropper of CBD to any of their other specialty cocktails for just $3.)


Montrose seems to be a hotbed for the CBD scene because it’s home to another hemp gem. As far as we can tell, Rudyards offers the largest single serving of CBD in their cocktails: 40mg. To partake, order their Screwston, a secret purple drank garnished with a Jolly Rancher, or Dickle Me Down, made with 12-year-old whiskey, fresh orange juice, apple bitters, and topped with Klaus Edelweizen.  

Pasedena, TX

Take the drive to Pasadena to try out the made-to-order caffeinated drinks at this family-owned coffee shop. Lazydaze offers your traditional drinks such as iced chai lattes and dulce de leche with an option to add a little infusion via a 15mg CBD isolate honeystick. Can you imagine the sugary goodness? The shop also offers options with the hemp already added in such as an hibiscus iced tea, chamomile hot tea, or a cup of dark roast.


Might have just saved the best for last. Recently just opening its second location in Montrose, this wild franchise is taking hemp goods to new heights. Doubling as both a coffee shop and bar, both locations offer too many fused options to choose from. If you’re in need of a morning boost, place a curbside order for the White Widow, a white mocha and brown sugar latte with oat milk with 20mg of hemp. Need a drink after a long day? Lounge for a while at the bar and request a glass of Pink Loco with refreshing raspberry, coconut, citrus, mint, and, of course, a little liquid bud.



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