Houston Juice & Smoothie Bars to Visit This Summer

With Houston’s temperatures reaching triple digits and seeming intent on staying there, it will take more than cold water to cool us down. Now’s the perfect time to add new flavors to your beverage lineup this season, with juices and smoothies that will have you making the “ahh” sound all summer long.  Drinking a fresh … Read more

LGBTQ+ Members in Houston’s Wellness Space

As we cross the halfway mark of this year’s Pride Month, it’s time to consider more lasting ways to support the local LGBTQ+ community than waving rainbow flags or taking advantage of mainstream sales. One way to show your allyship is by patronizing some of the numerous businesses founded by LGBTQ+ community members in the … Read more

Where Does Texas Stand on Abortion Laws?

The Supreme Court on Friday officially overturned its decision in Roe v. Wade, which for almost 50 years recognized abortion as a nationwide constitutional right. The June 24 ruling allows states to ban abortion without restrictions, leaving women across the US in a state of tremendous uncertainty about their reproductive health care options. Now that … Read more

What Houstonians Should Know About Drinking Water This Summer

With the scorching summer months bringing sweltering temperatures to the city, Houstonians are staying hydrated with the planet’s most ready-to-drink beverage. But while water may seem like a straightforward choice for anyone looking to cool down, there’s more to the drink than we might think. Dietitian Moe Schlachter of Houston Family Nutrition shares some insights … Read more

Project Saving Smiles Brings Accessible Dental Care to Houston Kids

During the past 20 years, oral health costs have increased 30 percent, placing access to dental care out of reach for vulnerable groups across the US. However, the Houston Health Department’s Project Saving Smiles (HHD/PSS) has been making progress in catering to Houston’s underserved communities. The public-private partnership targets at-risk second-graders in elementary schools in the Houston … Read more

Try a Water Flosser to Promote Better Oral Health

For the average person, having a dentist-approved oral care routine can take years to accomplish. You might already brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day, as recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA)—and even floss on the daily—but there’s still an extra step that could boost your oral hygiene game to new heights. … Read more

11 New Medspas & Wellness Centers to Visit in Houston

When it comes to luxurious spa or aesthetic treatments, Houston’s beauty and wellness industry is not slowing down. Given the excitement of indulging in various rejuvenation treatments or receiving postoperative medical care in plush penthouse suites, locals have every excuse to beat the three-digit temperatures and pamper themselves.  We’ve rounded up the latest spas, med … Read more

Monkeypox Numbers Rise in Houston, Harris and Surrounding Counties Working to Administer Vaccines

Read our original article, with frequently asked questions about monkeypox, below. Update as of September 6 Texas currently has 1,730 confirmed cases of monkeypox, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Harris County contributes 621 instances of that number, with 481 from the City of Houston alone.  The number of confirmed cases is steadily … Read more

8th Wonder Brewery Announces Launch of New Cannabis Company

Since most recreational marijuana users are already accustomed to their cannabis coming to them in eighths, you could say that Houston’s 8th Wonder Brewery was destined to eventually form their own cannabis company. Today, what was seemingly preordained has finally become a reality: the popular local brewery has just broken the news that it has partnered with … Read more

How long does strep throat last

How long does strep throat last

Welcome to our comprehensive compendium on streptococcal pharyngitis, an infection that afflicts the pharynx and tonsils caused by the bacterium Streptococcus. In this exhaustive discourse, we shall delve into every facet of streptococcal pharyngitis, encompassing its etiology and manifestations, treatment modalities, and strategies for prevention. Our aspiration is to furnish you with invaluable and precise … Read more

How Houston Has Become a Leader in Alternative Cancer Therapies

Cancer is one of humanity’s greatest health challenges, killing millions of people every year. For decades, treatment for the disease has focused primarily on surgery (removing it) and chemotherapy and radiation therapy (attacking it). While these procedures continue to be essential in a patient’s overall treatment, new developments with a more personalized approach have gained … Read more

7 Ways to Support Breast Cancer Research and Patients

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, which means now is the optimal time to support organizations within our community. Beware of companies advertising so-called “pink products” that promote breast cancer awareness to gain sales but may not contribute any proceeds to actual charities or foundations. Instead, give back to those seeking a cure, invest in clinical … Read more