Building Trust

Building trust is the foundation for successful partnerships.

The mechanism we developed in Indonesia, the members-only Health and Business Roundtable Indonesia (HBRI), was designed to build trust because this was the obstacle most frequently cited by businesses, nonprofits, and public sector representatives we consulted.

The Roundtable evolved into a mechanism to increase knowledge and skills after participants asked that the mechanism be used to help them learn how to partner. We quickly realized that the Roundtable could be used to help them learn from each other as so many already had valuable knowledge and experience to share. We also realized that helping them learn from each other further increased trust.

A key factor contributing to the success of the Roundtable in Indonesia has been the set of guidelines participants adopted to ensure an atmosphere of mutual respect. Organizations must sign the guidelines to join the Roundtable. Four sessions are held off-the-record each year. Marketing, media, or PR are not allowed during these sessions. As a result, participants enjoy open and frank exchanges, listen and learn from each other, and continue to build trust.